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Travis decides to help a tourist into the Grand Canyon.

Travis in his winter gear 2-25-03

Travis during his tour of the Southwest.  One of many National Park stops.

One of many parks that did not allow you to keep your dog on a leash!  Travis was a lot happier running free anyway!

Another excuse to dig a hole to China

Notice the street sign.

Travis was not impressed with Rodeo Drive.

Travis at the edge of the Grand Canyon

A petrified log at the petrified forest.
(There is no damn forest!)

We decided to take Route 66 during part of the trip.  No one told us that this part of 66 has been closed for years.  This was the closest thing to a gas station we found.

A little known park in New Mexico

Travis's first taste of saltwater, the Pacific Ocean in San Diego.
His face after the first sip was priceless!  Wish I would have had the camera ready!

Our camp for a few days in New Mexico
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